Junior Dragster Schools

You don't just learn to drive a Jr. Dragster on your own. That's why Cosby Motorsports is proud to sponsor our Jr. Dragster Racing Schools. Kids are taught about the Jr. Drag Racing League, vehicle componentry, safety equipment, raceline preparation, starting line reaction & how to drive a Jr. Dragster down the track as fast as possible. The course has a high emphasis on having fun, and features the use of a Cosby Motorsports Jr. Dragster as well as instruction from extremely knowledgable racing professionals.

This years classes were presented in Medicine Hat, Alberta and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. School sessions for next season are subject to track availability and there is a limit of four (4) students per class - plus parents. For more information on class schedules, locations and tuition fees please contact us. We love racing and look forward to sharing our love with you!

One of the four Cosby Racing School Junior Dragsters

Students and Parents Learning About Junior Dragster Components

Students Preparing For Their First Run Down The Drag Strip!

Breakdown of Class:

One (1) hour classroom - Two (2) hours track time.

Clarification of Drag School: Classroom for one (1) hour
Introduction of students and parents.
Brief background of drag racing and track rules.
Video - "Driving the Dream"
Safety Equipment - Demonstration - how to use neck collar, arm restraints, etc.
Discussion of parent's role - stressing the importance of making sure safety equipment is properly issued and assistance for student in checking car - start up.

Track Time - two (2) hours
Show parents and students gas and brake pedals.
The safety on-off toggle switches.
The overall safety structure of the vehicle.
Have parent's ready student for initial run in car.
Show them how to use arm restraints, fasten helmet strap, how to tighten seat belts.
Show parents how to start the race car - checking switches and choke.
Stress safety to both parents and students, have student test brakes and steering.
Demonstration of how the race car is to be brought to the line and staged in preparation to race.
Be sure the parent and student understand how to read the time slip and where to get them, also how to dial in their E.T.'s.

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